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CHELSEA PORCELAIN is inspired by England's most distinguished fine porcelain crafters, held with great esteem and highly sought after by British nobility.

This nourishing "5-free" formula is free of Formaldehyde, Toulene, DBP, Formaldehyde resin, and Camphor.

Made in the USA

Vegan, gluten-free. Cruelty-free.



Developed to adhere to Londontown's kur: Nail Hardener, this reaction creates a molecule bond that reinforces nail strength and works to prevent nails from breaking, cracking and splitting.

This gorgeous colour is infused with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to enhance healing and nail health. Formulated with accelerated drying and hardening technology, Lakur Enhanced Colour collection gives nails a splash of chic bold colour with a protective and long-lasting high gloss finish.

How to Use

In order to achieve beautiful, healthy, salon-qulaity nails it is essential to prep your nails properly:

  1. Remove any existing nail polish and buff nails.
  2. Hydrate your nails with a drop of natural oil to nail bed and buff. Buffing drives the natural oils into the nail so the colors can adhere better.
  3. Wash hands with soap and water to remove residue and buffing dust.
  4. Apply 1 coat of kur: Nail Hardener.
  5. Dry hands and nails thoroughly.
  6. Follow with 2 coats of lakur: Enhanced Colour.
  7. Finish with 1 coat of kur: Protective Top Coat or Protective Matte Coat for a long lasting and high gloss shine.

To remove polish: Moisten cotton pad with kur: Strengthening Lacquer Remover and rub across nail to remove. For easier removal, pre-moisten all nails with remover allowing time for polish to soften. After removal, thoroughly rinse nails in clean water.


Key ingredients:

Rapeseed Flower Oil - heals brittle and cracked nails, while providing a heightened level of hydration to prevent nails from splitting.

Evening Primrose Oil - prevents nails from cracking but also nourishes and helps keep nails healthy.

Cucumber Extract - the high silica content of cucumber helps to prevent the splitting and spoiling of nails.

Chamomile Extract - cures brittle nails and increases strength of nails.

Azulene and bisabolol - active substances that enhance the healing process, strengthen the nail plastics, and eliminate dryness and flaking.

Garlic Extract - strengthens and hardens weak, brittle nails Vegetable Protein Keratin – promotes natural healthy nail strength and integrity.

Calcium – increases the thickness and strength of nails. 

Vitamin A - helps absorb and process protein efficiently.

Vitamin E - increases blood circulation for nail growth; aids in the formation of red blood cells which helps maintain oil balance in the nails. 

Biotin (Vitamin B7) - promotes cell growth and nail strength.

Iron - helps to strengthen the nail bed.


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