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Buddha Nose Bodhi Balm is named after the holy Bodhi Tree in India; where it is said, the Buddha sat beneath its branches and attained enlightenment.

The woody and fresh aroma of this body moisturizer gently quiets racing thoughts and encourages us to relax and be still. 

Skin Type
For all skin types.

Made in the USA
Certified USDA Organic
Recyclable Aluminum Tin Packaging
28g / 1oz


Just by massaging a small finger full of the Bodhi Balm on your head, neck and shoulders, overactive thinking, worry and mental stress melt away.

All of the essential oils in this product are extracted from plants that have traditionally been used to deepen meditation and encourage self-reflection.

How to Use

Rub and massage a small amount anywhere on body where stress, tension and dry skin are present.

Use as often as needed.

May be used in Yoga and Meditation practice.


USDA certified organic jojoba oil, USDA certified organic hemp seed oil, USDA certified organic beeswax and non GMO tocopherol (vitamin E) as a natural preservative. Organic and wild crafted essential oils of Frankincense, Cedarwood, Ho Wood and Juniper berry. (Over 80% USDA certified organic ingredients)


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