S5 Rainforest Hibiscus Peptides

Hibiscus Peptides are one of S5’s hero ingredients, extracted from rainforest plants that are capable of sustaining life throughout torrential rain, sweltering heat and oppressive humidity. They protect themselves from excessive growth of bacteria, and work with the skin in the same way to provide a climate control system, balancing oil production, hydration and skin nutrition. 

Hibiscus is a tropical plant that is native to Central Africa, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. As a member of the mallow family, it has been cultivated as a food source for centuries and is commonly used in traditional recipes, with Hibsicus seeds providing a natural and highly nutritious source.

Scientific Data and Benefits
This active ingredient is naturally designed to achieve anti-ageing results and has shown to inhibit muscle contraction, demonstrated by innovative tests performed with cultured cells that are able to mimic the hyperactivity of facial muscles. During tests these botanical peptides, derived from Hibiscus seeds, were shown to have a freezing “Botox like” effect that prevents the appearance of horizontal and vertical frown lines, demonstrating a reduction of 26% in wrinkle depth after 3 weeks treatment.

The cosmetic anti-ageing benefits of hibiscus peptides are not just limited to this however, as it’s potent properties make it a powerful ingredient that is able to offer more than just wrinkle reduction. This natural complex also protects cells from stress and supports the skin’s natural defences to maintain the ability to recover. This active is a remarkable and pioneering anti-wrinkle active that is able to offer an advanced muscle relaxation mechanism, whilst proving safe and non-irritating to the skin, helping to protect against environmental factors and offering a natural alternative to invasive cosmetic dermatological procedures.

The following products contain this active:

       Renew Serum

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