S5 Rainforest Bioactive Blend

Amazonian Bioactives are one of S5’s hero ingredients, are extracted from rainforest plants that are capable of sustaining life throughout torrential rain, sweltering heat and oppressive humidity. They protect themselves from excessive growth of bacteria, and work with the skin in the same way to provide a climate control system, balancing oil production, hydration and skin nutrition. Produced from three Amazonian bioactives, these extracts have a synergistic effect on blemish prone skin without causing irritation.

Scientific Data and Benefits
This Amazonian bioactive has shown that in clinical tests it is able to reduce the appearance of blemishes by 42% used once a day over a period of 56 day, with a further reduction of 72% on the number of comedones after 6 weeks. Impressively, this bioactive has also shown a reduction of sebum production by 65% that makes it the perfect constituent to effectively treat oily and acne prone skin. It contains crucial terpenes and essential fatty acids that are obtained from Carpaifera guaianensis seed oil, which is able to produce  anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Flavanoids and beta-caryophllene also make up this ingredients composition, meaning it becomes a natural antioxidant and is able to tackle skin problems with cosmetic effectiveness. After 8 weeks of clinical trials, volunteers mentioned and observed that the product was able to effectively clean, reduce oiliness and give a “matt” effect, whilst leaving skin feeling silkier and more hydrated.

The following products contain this active:

       Purity Serum

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