S5 Marine Sea Mayweed


As a marine bioactive, Sea Mayweed, one of S5’s hero ingredients, is taken from extremely hostile conditions where marine species have to survive enormous changes in temperature and salinity. A strong resistance to stress has therefore been built up to survive the physical stress of waves, tides and harsh winds. These extracts work with the skin in the same way, reducing any signs of hyper reactivity, protecting against environmental stress and pollution and reinforcing the skin barrier. 

A seaside plant, Sea Mayweed has fleshy leaves that help it to survive in the rough, salty environment. It has white daisy-like flowers and naturally contains beneficial properties that are linked to the ability to resist the harsh, environmental conditions.

Scientific Data and Benefits
Sea Mayweed has been clinically proven to soothe any signs of irritation and reduce the appearance of long-term redness by 20%. During trials, all volunteers reported that their skin was more comfortable, less reactive and that the product had produced a soothing effect. In vitro testing has shown Sea Mayweed to be a powerful anti inflammatory, reducing the inflammatory markers IL1 and IL6. As well as decreasing areas of redness, irritation and blotchiness, this antioxidant active has proven to help reduce signs of ageing in regard to wrinkles, suiting mature and sensitive skin types.

The following products contain this active:

         Calm Serum            Neutralise Cleanser

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