S5 Marine Sea Fennel Peptides

Sea Fennel Peptides are one of S5’s hero ingredients, derived from a marine plant found in extremely hostile conditions, where marine species have to survive enormous changes in temperature and salinity that builds a strong resistance to stress.Found on the coast, it has developed specific mechanisms enabling it to grow in soils with a high salt content. Peptides are obtained through gentle enzymatic hydrolysis. 

Scientific Data and Benefits
In-vitro testing has revealed its redness concealing properties and activity, making it an ideal ingredient for anti-redness and anti-blemish skincare. During testing tubule lengths were measured with an image analysis system, and results demonstrated that a just a 1% solution of sea fennel peptides decreased tubule lengths of 34%, meaning a significant decrease in skin vascularization; appearance of capillaries and veins.

Sea fennel is able to easily penetrate into the skin, providing a more effective treatment that evens skin tone. It has a high content of antioxidant properties, including vitamin C, flavanoids and carotinoids that further contribute to its effectiveness as an anti-blemish anti-inflammatory treatment. 

The following products contain this active:

        Calm Serum
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