S5 Marine Enzymes

Marine Enzymes are one of S5’s hero ingredients, taken from extremely hostile conditions, where marine species have to survive enormous changes in temperature and salinity. These enzymes are derived from the hatching water of baby fish and mimic the skin’s own enzymes to gently detach dead cells in the outer layer of human skin, without affecting living cells beneath. 

These marine enzymes are a natural skin care active, extracted from Norwegian fresh water after salmons have hatched. Hatching water is a complex protein solution that proven to have a wide range of benefits for human skin. The treatment ingredient is a result of research done by the University of Bergen whose scientists were intrigues by the fact that salmon hatchery worker’s hands became smooth and soft after sorting the eggs despite the prolonged exposure to cold water. They discovered unique enzymes and proteins in the water, and marine protease is a concentrated fraction of this.

Scientific Data and Benefits
This bioactive has been clinically proven to enhance smoothness. This extraordinary extract has also been proven to give comparable results to common hydroxy-acids without skin irritation. Skin is left porcelain smooth and undamaged, as only dead cells are removed. 

Marine enzymes help to normalise the shedding of the skin cells inside the pores and prevents clogging that, along with oil and bacteria, can produce skin lesions. Clinical trials showed a reduction in skin lesions by 61 % and pore size by an average of 20%. This ingredient is able to minimize pores and perfect the complexion, whilst smoothing and firming skin with ingredients taken from a natural and sustainable source.

The following products contain this active:
    Illuminate Serum
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