S5 Desert Glycoproteins

Desert Glycoproteins, one of S5’s hero ingredients, are taken from an extreme ecosystem where daytime temperatures can exceed 60ºC/140ºF, and then suddenly drop to below 0ºF/32ºF overnight. To survive these conditions, organisms have developed special mechanisms to maintain cellular stability and hydration levels. These glycoproteins are derived from a rare bacteria found in the salt lakes of the Wadi desert, one of the driest and harshest areas of the globe, and produce an amino acid derivative that protects its cells against heat, frost, dryness and environmental stress. When used on the skin, it forms a protective shield around the cells, stabilising the cellular membrane and increasing hydration by 30%. 

Scientific Data and Benefits
Desert Glycoproteins have proven to support the natural cellular repair mechanism and reduce potential skin stress, with an increase in hydration seen in clinical trials by up to 30% and significant reduction in skin dryness, roughness and scaling. Tests have further shown how these glycoproteins not only improve the skin’s hydration, but also skin elasticity, as well as the skin surface structure, providing marked protection against all kinds of membrane-damaging active substances. Its protective effects also guard the cells from inflammation, proving successful in trials for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

The following products contain this active:


         Calm Serum                  Restore Cream

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