S5 Desert Argan Oil

Desert Argan oil, one of S5’s hero ingredients, is taken from an extreme ecosystem where daytime temperatures can exceed 60ºC/140ºF, and then suddenly drop to below 0ºF/32ºF overnight. To survive these conditions, organisms have developed special mechanisms to maintain cellular stability and hydration levels. Desert actives have the same function when use on the skin, with argan oil further providing rich omega 6, 9 and tocopherol, that helps to restore the skin barrier and protect against free radicals. 

This ingredient is used in ancestral African beauty rituals as a topical oil to treat various ailments, such as dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema and skin inflammation. Grown from the argan tree in southwest Morocco, traditionally women have used the kernels of argan fruit stones as a source of edible oil. Today virgin beauty argan oil is prepared from unroasted kernels and results in a rich, golden colour produced under women cooperatives to support sustainable development.

Scientific Data and Benefits
High levels of anti oxidants in desert argan oil have shown protective anti-ageing properties that nourish dry skin by helping to restore the skin barrier. Oleic acid, a fatty acid that is part of the omega-9 family also has numerous therapeutic effects that contribute towards the important properties of argan oil. High levels of linoleic acid and tocopherol also help skin inflammation, which is what it has been traditionally used for. The tocopherol content (Vitamin E) of argan oil is in fact 620mg/kg in comparison to 320 mg/kg in olive oil, indicating its strong antioxidant properties that give it its many uses and great effect on the skin. Clinical trials have also demonstrated a reduction in sebum and greasiness in oily skin.

The following products contain this active: 


     Replenish Serum              Nourish Cleanser

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