S5 Arctic Sea Buckthorn

Arctic Sea Buckthorn is one of S5’s hero ingredients, taken from the Arctic ecosystem where organisms are exposed to extreme cold. To defend against permanent cellular damage organisms generate cryoprotective mechanisms. The incredible composition and benefits of Sea Buckthorn, as an Arctic bioactive, provides a rich source of rare Omega 7 and Omega 3. It has traditionally been used to treat burns and wounds of the skin and is proven to be anti-inflammatory. 

References to the medical uses of Sea buckthorn have been found in ancient Greek texts, attributed to Theophrastus and Dioskorid, hailed for its successful inclusion in many herbal remedies and medical applications. For the skin, this oil has traditionally been used to treat burns and wounds, aided by its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Scientific Data and Benefits
In clinical trials, sea buckthorn has been shown to improve skin elasticity by 32.3%, when used at 3% over 8 weeks, with further improvement in hydration by 30.8% after a month, skin elasticity by 19% and a decrease in skin roughness by 6.1% that proves its efficacy in reducing signs of long-term anti-ageing.

The active properties that Sea Buckthorn’s holds that produces these remarkable effects on the skin through its natural composition, includes significant amounts of carotenoids, tocopherols and sterols. With active phytochemicals like vitamin C, it has a high proportion of organic acids and as the richest source of rare omega-7 palmitoleic acid – a major skin constituent – sea buckthorn can also efficiently protect the skin, promote epidermal regeneration and has further shown to be anti-inflammatory. Clinical trials have in fact demonstrated that topical application of Sea Buckthorn oil significantly reduces physical and chemical irritation to leave sensitive skin calmed, with a reduction in areas of redness. 

The following products contain this active:


     Replenish Serum            Nourish Cleanser

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