S5 Arctic Rhodiola

Arctic Rhodiola, one of S5’s hero ingredients is taken from an ecosystem where organisms are exposed to extreme cold. To defend against permanent cellular damage, organisms generate cryoprotective mechanisms. Arctic Rhodiola is ecologically harvested from the Apline meadows of Siberia.

This remarkable herb has been widely used in the past for a variety for health and beauty benefits. For the ancient Greek civilisation, Rhodiola was documented by Dioscrorides, citing the many medical applications of the plant in 77 A.D, that was then called rodia riza, whilst the ancient Chinese sent out expeditions specially to bring back “the golden root” for medical preparations. The Vikings were also reported to have made use of Rhodiola, to enhance mental and physical endurance, as this powerful plant is able to support the function of the adrenal glands and help reduce stress by normalising stress-related hormones. Numerous clinical studies have in fact shown the positive effect of Rhodiola root extract, and in concern to topical effects, studies have also demonstrated its protective and enhancing qualities on the skin. 

Scientific Data and Benefits
Clinical tests i vitro have shown how Arctic Rhodiola is able to stimulate cell respiration significantly, improve oxygen consumption in the skin, as well as boost vitality and respiration in the cells. Its antioxidant proprieties are known to reduce the effects of stress that take a toll on the skin, increasing vibrancy, with active compounds, called rosavins that are able to assist with oxygen deprivation and immune support to manage and aid the skin. This adaptogenic herb helps the skin adapt to stress caused by temperature fluctuations. It improves oxygen consumption by up to 130%, thereby boosting skin vitality, and is clinically proven to improve cellular viability in very cold and very hot conditions.

The following products contain this active:


      Restore Cream                   Balance Fluid                Neutralise Cleanser

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