S5 Antarctic Glycoproteins

Antarctic Glycoproteins are one of S5’s hero ingredients, taken from an ecosystem where organisms are exposed to extreme cold. To defend against permanent cellular damage organisms generate cryoprotective mechanisms. When used on the skin these bioactives dramatically strengthen the cellular matrix, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and boosting collagen. Antarctic glycoproteins are produced by a rare bacteria found at the bottom of a glacier in Antarctica, now cultured and extracted in laboratory conditions. As these natural proteins are produced to protect against the extreme cold, their chemical and biological characteristics are capable of supporting the extra cellular matrix of the skin. 

Scientific Data and Benefits
When applied to the skin, this ingredient has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth on average by 44% after 30 days, and increase type I collagen production by 128% after 14 days, as well as type IV collagen production by 81% after 15 days, as shown below. Increase in elastin formation has further been found as a result of tests using these glycoproteins, altogether demonstrating significant anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing results. Its cryoprotective properties mean it performs a specific activity which delays the ice formation in water, and so when applied on the skin, it also protects against low temperatures, preventing dryness of the skin and protecting the epidermis from extreme cold.


The following products contain this active:

    S5 Renew Serum

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