S5 Alpine Tibetan Kombuchka

Tibetan Kombuchka is one of S5’s hero ingredients, taken from the Alpine ecosystem where organisms have developed highly advanced defensive mechanisms to survive the extreme heights with low oxygen levels, extreme cold and high level exposure to solar radiation. Kombuchka has been shown to enhance skin radiance and clarity, whilst plumping and smoothing to help maintain skin firmness and youthfulness. 

Historically produced as a fermented beverage in Tibet, Kombuchka is known as the "long life mushroom", a name derived from its appearance and feel. It is believed to confer longevity and is often even referred to today as the “elixir of long life”, referring to its health and medical benefits that also transfer as valuable cosmetic properties. Kombuchka is traditionally fermented from sweet black tea and today is the subject of renewed interest, particularly in reference to the beneficial effects on the appearance of the skin.

Scientific Data and Benefits
Rich in organic acids, antioxidant properties and vitamins, Kombuchka improves overall skin quality by enhancing smoothness, radiance and colour. In fact, Tibetan Kombuchka has been clinically proven to enhance the appearance of radiance by 15%, clarity by 11%, as well as decrease olive skin tones by 23% and increase healthy pink tones by 20%.

This alpine extract has also been shown to significantly plump and smooth the skin to leave a fresh and clear complexion, and radiant, firm skin. 

The following products contain this active:

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