S5 Alpine Inca Inchi Oil

Inca Inchi oil is one of S5’s hero ingredients, taken from an ecosystem where organisms have developed highly advanced defensive mechanisms to survive the extreme heights with low oxygen levels, extreme cold and high level exposure to solar radiation. 

Inca Inchi is a Peruvian Amazonian plant that has been known by local people for thousands of years and bears a rich history. The pre-Inca and Inca cultures, for instance, used it as engravings that have been found in graves. It produces a fruit that contains seeds with a high oil content that contains lipids and omegas 3, 6 and 9. Used for generations for its nutritious and beneficial qualities, it is now extracted and fairly traded from a community project using traditional and organic agricultural methods.

Scientific Data and Benefits
Inca inchi oil is the richest known source of Omega 3, an important cell membrane constituent, with unsaturated fatty acids reaching 94% of its composition. With an exceptional amount of tocopherols, it is also the only vegetable oil to contain both essential fatty acids in such a high amount, which benefits the skin enormously in helping to maintain skin elasticity and restore the skin barrier, as well as improve hydration significantly. During clinical tests, 94% of participants reported skin softness, 88% reported suppleness and 83% felt their skin became moisturized with a comforted sensation after using Inca inchi oil on the skin. Once applied it begins to regulate the cutaneous permeability and contributes to the control of water loss from skin layers, and is therefore able to maintain skin hydration.

The significant amounts of fatty acids that it holds also plays a part in the regulation of the inflammatory process, and the treatment of dry, damaged skin, that can be targeted as a result. High amounts of antioxidants furthermore also ensure protection of cellular structures against oxidative damage. The far-reaching and beneficial properties of Inca inchi oil means it effectively supports cellular renewal and moisturization.

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