S5 Alpine Epilobium Fleisheri

Epilobium fleisheri, an alpine bioactive, is one of S5’s hero ingredients, taken from the Alpine ecosystem where organisms have developed highly advanced defensive mechanisms to survive the extreme heights with low oxygen levels, extreme cold and high level exposure to solar radiation. Produced from a rare Alpine herb, this ingredient reduces 5 alpha reductase - the enzymes produced by blemishes that stimulate oil production and can cause surface irritation.  

Scientific Data and Benefits
This innovative, anti-inflammatory product benefits oily skin and treats its related problems, decreasing sebum production and improving the skin’s appearance. In clinical trials this bioactive has been shown to reduce oil production by 56% and 5 alpha reductase production by 66% in vitro. Its sebo-regulating properties help to decrease pore size as well as the number of blackheads. This innovative ingredient also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the skin and its overall state, to create a normal, healthy balance that can reduce and target problem areas. 

The following products contain this active:

Purity Serum Balance Fluid
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