Placebo Life Beauty & Wellbeing is a boutique organic and natural skincare store. We handpicked a selection of niche luxury natural skincare brands from around the world that are produced ethically and passionately by people committed in supporting sustainable, eco-friendly and humane business practices.

Rest assured that our selection of natural skincare products contains no nasty chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, SLS, synthetic colors and fragrances. Full product ingredients are clearly listed, so you will know exactly what you are purchasing. Now you can indulge in an effective, luxurious beauty experience knowing that it is good for your skin, your body and the world we live in.

Beautiful luminous skin is a genuine reflection of inner health and vitality. Taking care of your general wellbeing is just as important as nourishing your skin from the outside.

Placebo [pron.: plə-SEE-boh] Def: Latin for "I shall please."

Celebrate Life. Please yourself. Be happy and laugh out loud. Do what you love and follow your passion. Feel beautiful inside and out, and the natural glow will follow.


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